Perfect FIT Computers is strongly committed to creating a Zero-Humiliation learning environment.  We know that, in order to learn something new, you need to do be able to so without fear of making a mistake or being judged.  For most of us, this is no secret.

But, all too often, this model of learning is forgotten in the computer world.  Everyone knows the cliche about corporate IT guys.  (Saturday Night Live had a very successful recurring character based on this).

At Perfect FIT Computers, we understand that learning requires a certain vulnerability.  It involves admitting that you may not know something as well as you want to (which, as an adult, can be difficult).

Fear of embarrassment can be a real source of stress.  When we experience embarrassment or fear, it can trigger a cascade of chemical events that releases stress hormones into the bloodstream.  Basically, our caveman “fight or flight” instincts kick in. The brain stops concentrating on higher-level thinking and starts concentrating on being able to run away from something like a tiger.
… Next time you’re running from a tiger, try to do long division in your head.  It won’t work.

Now, embarrassment is not the same as a tiger.  But your brain doesn’t really make that distinction; stress is stress.  And when you feel this stress, you can no longer effectively focus on learning to do things like defragment your hard drive or update an anti-virus program.

Well, we strive to make sure that these stressful feelings never happens during a Perfect FIT visit.  We truly believe that we can help everyone to love their computers, and let go of any fears they may have once had.

Instead of humiliation and fear, you can feel a sense of proud independence and empowerment, knowing that you’ve taken better control of your computer-using experience.


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