We are your one-stop solution for any computer challenge you may be facing!

Computer Coaching

Our one-one-one, private, in-home computer coaching service is designed to be as easy and rewarding as possible for you.  We offer Zero-Humiliation Experience coaching for all Windows® and Apple® computers.  We can help you with:

– Internet browsing (Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)
– E-mail (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail)
– Microsoft Office (Including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook)
– iTunes
– Skype
– Anti-virus programs

We can also help you to use the following devices fearlessly:

– Digital cameras (including use of popular photo software such as Picasa)
– iPod, iPhone (including use of iTunes)
– Printers and scanners
– External Hard Drives

We are proud to offer support for users of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X.

Perfect Fit Computers is proud to offer simple-to-understand service plans with upfront pricing.

Each first session with a new client begins with a service consultation, where we find out more about you, your needs, and your computer.  After we’re acquainted with you and your computer, we can tell you which options you have available to improve your computer-using experience.

Remember, Perfect FIT is not affiliated with any other company, and has no vested interested in pushing the sale of anything (except, of course, for exceptionally trustworthy expert service.

Clear, Upfront Pricing

Eventually, the subject of pricing will arise. So, let’s talk about that, right away.
Perfect Fit Computers is not for everyone. There are other cheaper companies who you can call, but with those prices you will lose out on certain features and benefits.

I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen a folder on a client’s Desktop called “User’s files” or similar, left behind after working with one of the big squads.
We don’t work that way, folks. We are a full-service, boutique computer service provider. When we leave, it’s our aim that you’re set to go.

Features & Benefits: Perfect Fit Computers Other Squads & Nerds
$100/hr $70/hr
In-Home Service Yes Yes
PC and Mac Yes Yes
No Hidden Fees Yes ?
Some Flat Rates Available Yes ?
Exact Appointment Times Yes ?
Parts Sold At Cost (No Markup) Yes ?
7-Day Guarantee on Work Done Yes ?
No Affiliate Programs Yes ?
No Other Products to Push Yes ?
Zero-Humiliation Learning Yes ?