Recently a developer called LomitosCrew has released a bunch of new Roku channels related to International content. I was slightly interested in the JapanTV channel. But searching online, I could find very little about whether this channel, or this publisher, was reliable. So, I decided to take the plunge and see for myself.

As of today, December 14 2019, the description for the JapanTV Channel on the Roku says the following:

JapanTV provides streaming version of over the air content of available japanese TV channels. Enjoy your favourite japanese tv shows!”

So… no question: At $0.99 per month, it may have been illegal to have all over-the-air Japanese channel available, in such a way that all content providers were being paid their rights. But I had to check this out, just to be aware of whether such a thing was happening, given that the world of Roku is sort of rule-less.

The Channel Was Not What I Expected.

Upon subscribing to this Roku channel, I was only able to view a single over-the-air channel (despite being promised channels in the app description). That single over-the-air channel – at the time of my checking – appeared to be broadcasting online shopping (although it may have been a long commercial break).

You may also be interested in subscribing to an International channel on your Roku, as released by LomitosCrew.

You may be wondering if it’s worth it.
You have my blessings to do a similar $0.99 experiment.
But in my opinion, my recommendation is that it is not worth it.

The creators of Japan TV have made a Roku channel for just about every international country:
Canada TV, EgyptTV, Poland TV, Turkey TV, India TV, Greece TV, Indonesia TV, Morocco TV, Ukraine TV, Albania TV, Thailand TV, España TV, Italy TV, Brazil TV / Brasil TV.

I haven’t subscribed to any of these, so cannot say with any certainty whether there will be a lot of content available. But please keep my experience in mind, if you are considering subscribing to these channels, in hopes of having access to a lot of content from the country in the channel’s name.

Disappointed in Roku

I understand that Roku is a bit of the Wild Wild West. But shouldn’t there be some oversight into whether an app is delivering on what it’s promising in its description?

Upon unsubscribing from the app, you can give a reason. There are 7 or 8 reasons, and – sadly – none of them are “misrepresentation of content in app description”. :(

Is Roku’s JapanTV Channel Worth it? (I Say ‘No!’)

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