Google Help Documentation Drops the Ball Again. Let’s Set Up a Catch-All E-mail Address in Google Workspace, with More (Counter-intuitive) Steps than Ever Before.

Time to complete this setup: 3 minutes

Remember how easy it used to be to set up a catch-all when setting up Google G Suite (or Google Apps) on a new domain? Apparently, those days are gone.

Mostly, the documentation is hard to find because they’re no longer using the term “catch all”, as they once did. But also because they never seem to be able to keep their documentation up to date with their changing products.
So, here are the directions for you, as briefly as possible. (I hate when bloggers make it all about themselves).

Start by heading on over to and logging in to your domain.

1. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Apps and then Google Workspace > Gmail > Advanced settings.

Select ‘Apps’ from the list of options in the Google Admin Console



Select ‘Google Workspace’ (or whatever they’ve recently renamed Google Apps, G Suite, Google Workspace)



Select ‘Gmail’ from the list of Services, by clicking anywhere in that row. It won’t look like a clickable row at first. You must believe…
Scroll all the way to the bottom, find ‘Advanced settings >>’ and click on it.

You are now in the Advanced settings for GMail. Scroll way, way down to the Routing section. (Or search the page for ‘Routing’). It should look like this. Until it changes next month. Once you find that section, you need to hover over the subsection of ‘Routing’, called ‘Routing’. Then, a ‘CONFIGURE’ box will appear. Click on ‘CONFIGURE’.

In the next screen…

  1. Give your filter a short description. You know, like, “Catch-all”.
    Check the boxes for Inbound and Internal – receiving
Name Your GMail Filter, and Set Affected Messages

Scroll further down this box, and find the section ‘Also deliver to‘, then put a check-mark beside ‘Add more recipients‘. This opens up a new configuration box. Click on the attractive ‘ADD’ button in this config box’s top right corner.

Even though you just ticked a box called ‘Add more recipients’, you now need to needless click the ‘ADD’ button.

Put in your main Google Workspace address, where you want all of your mail to be sent to, and click SAVE.

Also Deliver To, Add More Recipients

You should now have a confirmation screen like so:

Filter Confirmation Screen

Curve-ball (optional). By default, this will filter forward spam messages. I recommend you go with this option, as it is. Double check this by next scrolling up just a little bit in the list of currently displayed Settings, and find the section labelled Spam. If you want to send Spam through, make sure there this is no checkmark in the box beside ‘Bypass spam filter for this message.’
Keep in mind that if Spam gets delivered from any other address on your domain to your main address, then that email message will still be screened by GMail when it arrives in your main inbox, and will subsequently arrive in your main email address’s Spam folder.

Next, towards the bottom of the screen, we have to change a few more options. These options might be hidden! Look for ‘Show options’, and click on it.

Click on 'Show Options'

Once you are able to see the options (i.e. it says ‘Hide options’), you should see an entry, ‘B. Account types to affect‘. Be sure to uncheck ‘Users’ and check ‘Unrecognized / Catch-all’.

Check 'Unrecognized/Catch-all'

At the bottom click ‘Add Setting’.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. In the next screen, at the bottom-right, you must click SAVE.

Save Settings at the End

That’s it. You’re done. Test it out.

Did it work? Let me know. It’d make me so happy to know I helped you out.

Google Workspace Catch-All Email Setup [Solved]
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