Oh, hi. It’s Google. Let’s Set Up a Catch-All Address in G Suite with More (Counter-intuitive) Steps than Ever Before.

Remember how easy it used to be to set up a catch-all when setting up G Suite (or Google Apps) on a new domain? Apparently, those days are gone.

If you’re scratching your head wondering what the f*** happened, and why there’s not a lot of documentation, you’ve come to the right place. I broke down and reached out to Google support, and – after carving my way through bulls*** and language barriers (i.e. “Google ah-NA-lytics”), I found an answer.  Mostly, the documentation is hard to find because they’re no longer using the term “catch all”, as they once did.
So, here are the directions for you, as briefly as possible. (I hate when bloggers make it all about themselves).

Start by heading on over to https://admin.google.com/ and logging in to your domain.

1. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Apps and then G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings.

G Suite Admin Panel

Select G SuiteSelect GMail

Select Advanced Settings

Scroll way way down to the routing section. (Or search the page for ‘Routing’). It should look like this. Until it changes next month.

G Suite GMail Routing Settings

Hover over the ‘Routing’ line, and a ‘CONFIGURE’ box will appear. Click on ‘CONFIGURE’.

Configure GMail Routing

In the next screen…
1. Give your filter a short description. You know, like, “Catch-all”.
2. Check the boxes for Inbound and Internal – receiving


Name Your GMail Filter, and Set Affected Messages

Scroll further down this box, and find ‘also deliver to’, then put a checkmark beside ‘Add more recipients’.
Enter your catch-all address as the recipient.

Also Deliver To, Add More Recipients

Curve-ball (optional).
By default, this will filter not forward spam messages. If you want to forward spam (just in case), then you should now click on ‘Basic’ and change it to advanced.
Then, uncheck ‘Do not deliver spam to this recipient’.

Uncheck 'Do not deliver spam'

Click on ‘Save’.

You should now have a confirmation screen like so:

Filter Confirmation Screen

Next, just below this confirmation and to the left, you’ll want to click on the ‘Show Options’ link.

Click on 'Show Options'


This opens up a new set of options, one of which is ‘B. Account types to affect’. Be sure to uncheck ‘Users’ and check ‘Unrecognized / Catch-all’.


Check 'Unrecognized/Catch-all'

At the bottom click ‘Add Setting’.



In the next screen, at the bottom-right, you must click SAVE.

Save Settings at the End

That’s it. You’re done. Test it out.

Did it work? Let me know. It’d make me so happy to know I helped you out.

[SOLVED] G-Suite Catch-All Address Assignment in 2017
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